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Escape games are a modern type of games. An escape room is a physical adventure game where players use their mental abilities of cognition, perception, guile, and decision-making to solve puzzles using hints and clues and strategy to complete a given objective. This hidden objective is generally to be achieved within a given time limit. Escape rooms are brought to life by making them as a representation of different locations such as prisons, museums, etc.

History and Spread

The earliest form of escape room adventures was developed in Kyoto, Japan by Takao Kato of the Kyoto publishing company, SCRAP Co., in 2007. He called the Real Escape Game. It was the first time that a real life physical escape game had been developed. From here begun the spread of the escape room games. It started growing popular throughout Asia but was specifically dominant in Singapore, with over 50 known escape games in the country by 2015.

With modern-day travel and an increased global knowledge base, escape games then spread like wildfire throughout the United States. Europeans were next to incorporate the game changer and then Australia. So quick was the spread and so popular is the game that now almost the whole world takes part in escape games.


As you ponder on what things to do, keep in mind that escape games offer a unique blend of art, aesthetics and physical activity. Escape artists, people who develop escape room adventures, are bona fide remarkable. They have to design a fictional location and fit it into a room with artifacts, objects and other visual cues, couple that with an immersive story which tells itself and unfolds according to how adept you are piecing up hints and clues together.

So whether it is that dungeon, prison, museum, deep sleep dream dread with a sickening darkness, trapped in a car or some other well thought of location, each of these themed room features props and decorations that transport players into an alternate reality. The result is not only just having fun in completing the game/escaping the room, but also feeling like you are actually in the same exact situation.


Commercialization of escape room games adventures catapulted the escape room game scene to a whole new level. People from all walks of life now can have easy access to a real life escape room with different scenarios/locations for an affordable price. As with any industry, this has also increased its popularity. A lot of companies send out their staff for team building activities and escape rooms have become a big hit. Having a group of people who must work together to complete a fun objective within 60 minutes has certainly had a positive impact in team building. Escape games reel in puzzle lovers, riddle enthusiasts, adrenaline junkies, and more. Age is not an issue and therefore, escape rooms are an ideal family outing. Students, travelers, gamers and more enjoy solving escape rooms. Literally anyone can have a crack at escape game adventures.


Game developers and programmers have created numerous escape rooms that are available online. So if for any reason you have not been able to go to a real life escape room adventure, just search online and try one or two of these highly interactive puzzles. Given the high likelihood of you actually enjoying it, you might as well round up your friends, family or colleagues and go to a real life escape room game.

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